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Create awareness with drone photography

Aerial photography with drone gives a whole new perspective on things we take for granted. Impress your customers.
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Unique drone images

With a drone, we can provide aerial views of your property, land or fields for both private and commercial use at a far more affordable price than before, because operating a drone is far cheaper than on an airplane or helicopter.

In the old days, you could not visit a country estate without encountering the obligatory aerial photography of the farm and the adjacent fields at one time or another. It is an old and cozy tradition that has a great effect on top of that - people always come together for an aerial photo because the different perspective gives a fresh view of what you take for granted.

Professional quality

We use professional equipment that ensures high quality - every time.

Expert advice

Advice and guidance is a natural part of the process - and does not cost anything.

Safety is our top priority

Approved drone operator since 2014 and we have flown countless operations.
Dronefoto af Sortedamssøen

Drone Photographer in Copenhagen

Yardbird Productions is located in the centre of Copenhagen, but has photographers all over the country. Our large network of drone photographers enables us to work throughout Denmark at competitive prices.

We have supplied pictures to the Danish Culture Canon ,Storebæltsbroen, TV2 and many others.
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"We have used Yardbird several times to photograph photovoltaic solar panels and have been very happy with the cooperation.

Drone photo gives a whole new perspective and the quality is outstanding".
Bent Andersen
Center for Properties
Hørsholm Municipality

A new angle on familiar motifs

If you need drone photos a little out of the ordinary? Let us guide you. We have been in the industry since 2014 and were some of the first in Denmark to be approved to operate with drones in urban areas.

We provide all necessary permits and waivers, and of course comply with the applicable law at all times.
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Dronefoto af langebro

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