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We do not believe in standard solutions and one size fits all, so we do not have a price list. 

We make solutions tailored to the individual customer and company we work with.

This is how it is in many industries, and there can be many reasons for that.

For us, this is because the price depends on so many factors that it doesn't make sense to have a fixed price. These are factors such as manpower, time consumption, equipment, locations, permits, etc.

But also your expectations and requirements can help raise or lower the price.

It is significantly cheaper to make 20-second video of a tractor in a field than it is to make a 2-minute profile film with 10 locations, actors, sound, lights, graphics, specially composed music, speak, etc.

That being said, we understand the need for some ballpark figures. 

So even though we cannot make an actual price list, we will try as best we can to tell a little about the price level here. All prices excl. VAT.
We charge by using a day rate, €800/day, or sometimes a half-day rate of €550. Basically, we figure out how much time will be spent on a project (how many days), then we apply the day rate to come up with our total cost.

Video production cost

It depends... here are a number of factors that play into it, but the videos we make usually cost between approx. €1500 and €7000. 
It includes project management, permits, recording, editing, color correction, driving, royalty-free music, and voice-over.

Drone photography

Pricing of drone photography depends on the number of images and location(s), but prices start from approx. €550.
This includes permissions, photo capture, and photo editing.

Event photography

We can cover your event with one man for a couple of hours, or we can pose with a larger number of photographers and/or videographers over several days. 

In the first case, the price starts from about €550.
"We have used Yardbird several times to photograph photovoltaic solar panels and have been very happy with the cooperation.

Drone photo gives a whole new perspective and the quality is outstanding".
Bent Andersen
Center for Properties
Hørsholm Municipality

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