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Engage your audience with video

Video is by far the best medium for retaining and engaging potential and current customers.
Some of our clients

Would you like to capture your audience's attention?

Video engages better than any other medium.

Make your website come alive

Power up and keep your audience engaged. Video maintains and engages.

Be visible on social media

6 out of 10 people prefer online video platform to live tv  according to Google.

Establish your brand

Stay top-of-mind with your customers or followers.

Our showreel

We help businesses get visible online

We make videos

Examples of the different types of film we produce

Profile movies

About the company, its values and what it is doing.

Social media video

We produce videos versioned for each platform. Users do not act the same on eg Facebook and Youtube, so it will often be necessary to create more versions.

Product videos

Present benefits and explain how it helps the customer solve their problem.

Tutorial Videos

How is this product used? What happens when you press the red button? It can also be a more general instruction in, for example, hanging wallpaper.

Event videos

Used to promote an event and after-movies. Get people to come to your event and show them how cool it was.

"We hired Yardbird to do video and photos of our product demonstration at the ITS World Congress and our VIP reception at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.
Kevin and Rasmus were a pleasure to work with and I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

I will hire them again for sure."

Debra Stokes
Vice President, Marketing, Communications, Product Management
Local Motors Inc.

"Incredible work.

You guys really boosted our online presence. 


Anders Hjort Straarup
Anders Hjort Straarup

Our process

How we work with video.
There are basically 4 stages.


We start by finding out who the audience is and what we want viewers to do / feel when they have seen the movie.

We look at the company's brand, what distribution channel we need and how we can measure afterwards whether it has been a success.

We plan the production as detailed as possible.


This is where we record according to the plan we have laid out in the pre-production phase.


Here it all comes together.

The film needs to be cut, color grades that may need to be added to music and speak and / or graphics.

Feedback and corrections.


Did we hit the target audience and was the video a success? How many saw it and how long? Was the video too short or too long?

How can we help?

You are more than welcome to reach out to us for more information about

video production